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Do It Yourself

Hoje estava pesquisando uns DIY (Do It Yourself = Faça você mesmo) e achei uns bem legais e resolvi compartilhar com vocês. Olha que ideias legais para fazer nas férias.

Make your mid summer nights dreamier with a gold feather headband! In this next installment of our StyleList.com series, "Pretty Savvy" presented by Jeep, Erica shows you how to give a simple hair accessory a gilded, glistening touch. 

To create: Use a gold leafing pen to cover the entire feather. Repeat until you have enough feathers to cover the surface of your headband. Using a glue gun carefully adhere the feathers to your headband. Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry, and voila…you’re fit for a fairytale! 

Get down with DIY and a dope playlist
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Curated by The Jane Doze

The kiss is a symbol that’s as playful as it is romantic. We see its presence everywhere. From Dan Colen’s artwork to Erin Fetherston’s current collection, a kiss will never go out of style. Now it’s your turn to touch someone’s heart with DIY art.

If you’re like us, you’ve got oodles of lipsticks lying around in a variety of fun shades. So why not use them to make a Valentine for someone you adore? They say love is in the air…so hang it on the wall for all to see!

To create: Apply lipstick to your lips. We used an assortment from our favorite brands: Chanel, Dior, Estée Lauder and Maybelline. Kiss a piece of paper over and over until the color fades. Reapply if necessary or use a different shade and create layers of multi-colored smooches for your loved one. Finish off by placing your personalized artwork in a frame. P.S.- get creative with a cluster of frames in varying sizes.

If  you love, love… then you will fall for our newest jams! 
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 by The Jane Doze.

In celebration of Marc Jacobs’ series of limited-edition accessories in collaboration with the release of Stephanie LaCava’s memoir, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects (P.S.- 100% of proceeds will be donated to Child Mind Institute), we have created a timeless piece of our own. If your New Year’s resolution was to be more creative and start making things, get on it - the clock’s ticking! Crave for curiosities, scour your local flea market, toy stores or jewelry boxes, and get on board with a DIY that supports the theory that time flies!  

To create: Coat twelve plastic insects with silver spray paint. Once fully dried, adhere mounting tape to the back of each bug. Mount the clock dial in the desired place and stick each bug around at the correct hour. For extra precision, you may want to mark the hours with a pencil before mounting the bugs. 
Da para colocar outra coisa no lugar dos insetinhos hehe  

XOXO pra quem fica

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